About Morden Wood Furniture

Morden Wood Furniture, undoubtedly the best furniture shop in New kishan Nagar, Jhirra, Asif Nagar Hyderabad. So what forced us to open another store? Why did we feel the need to? Well, it was our customer’s immense love and trust towards us. At Morden Wood Furniture, we deeply understand what every piece of Wood furniture placed at our customer’s home mean to them. The only thing Morden Wood Furniture has always stood for and will continue to stand for is QUALITY SERVICE. We believe in establishing loyal relationships with our customers and winning their trust to make them choose us repeatedly. At Morden Wood Furniture, from the moment you enter our mall to the last second of you being at our store, you are treated like family. We promise to not let down any of our customer’s trust and reliability that they have on us. We promise to continue giving a lifetime experience to our customer’s when they shop with us. We promise being Morden Wood Furniture, always.

Why US

Our complete product line is a reflection of perfection as a highly experienced team manufactures it as per current trends of the market. Whether its style or appearance, our furniture items stand tall on every basic requirement of a Morden client. We are a company that strongly believe that money should be used wisely and invested rightly. Hence, for the benefit of ourselves and clients, we invest in the best materials and machines to manufacture product line of lasting finish and superior quality. Our entire range is worthy for investment because it comes with an assurance of functioning longer with zero defects.


Our company believes that producing quality product is a waste if it is not reaching to a customer on time. We work on the policy of manufacturing products in speed so as to meet growing demands of customers on time. Our company employs Morden manufacturing techniques that enables to manufacture Furniture Polishing Services, Wood Polishing Services, Door Polishing Services, Wooden Floor Polishing Services, Exterior Wood Polishing Services, Vinyl Floor Polishing Services, Cupboard Polishing Service, in a bulk quantity. Till the period of transit, we keep products at a safe place in our facility. Great logistics support makes us capable to promise timely delivery of orders. Timely shipment of orders help us to leave positive impact on buyers. Our ability to meet customers’ needs on time has earned us following benefits:

Huge market goodwill

Lasting trust of famous clients

Strong position in the market

Our All Services

  • Furniture Polishing Services

    Furniture polishing services are essential for restoring the original beauty of your woodwork

  • Wood Polishing Services

    Our wood painting service right paint for your wooden furniture

  • Door Polishing Services

    To let patrons rely on our firm, we are offering best of the class Door Polishing Services.

  • Wooden Floor Polishing Services

    If you have wooden floors installed that look like they need polishing, it’s best advised that you choose a team of experts who know how to take care of it.

  • Exterior Wood Polishing Services

    We ensure the longevity of your Exterior wood Polishing Services by cleaning with mild organic cleansers. Our scientifically proven effective technique restores the beauty of wood without damaging the internal structure.

  • Vinyl Floor Polishing Services

    We all want our floors to look pretty while being easy to maintain and light on the pocket. If you demand the same things from your floor, vinyl flooring is the best option for you.

Our Work